401(K) Services

At Heartland, we work diligently to deliver the 401(k) solutions that your company needs to attract and retain valuable personnel. Our Services Include: Plan Design Serving as Trustee Serving as Third Party Administrator (TPA) Conduct Employee Meetings IRS Reporting Annual Investment Reviews For a complete list, please contact us If your company does not have more

Investable Asset Management

Owning a business is a never ending stream of making important decisions and assuming various roles and responsibilities. When you have investment needs associated with your business, it can be difficult to allocate the time required to manage the funds effectively. By partnering with Heartland Trust Company, we give you the freedom to focus on more

Foundation, Non-Profit & Endowment Management

Proper financial and investment management is not limited to profit based business establishments. In fact, foundations, non-profits and endowments can be even more challenging to manage effectively than a profit generating company. Financial Management for Foundations, Non-Profits and Endowments The average foundation, non-profit organization and endowment share a few common goals for the gifts and more